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T/F Excess glucose int he body is stored as glycogen True
T/F Female college students who smoke are viewed in a more positive light than male college students who smoke False
T/F A person with type 2 diabetes will never need to take insulin False
T/F An increase in blood glucose will result in an increased insulin response True
T/F Bias-related crimes are sometimes referred to as ethnoviolence True
T/F Most elderly recognize and report the abuse False
T/F Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure need to be high in order to indicate hypertension False
T/F Pain is often the earliest sign of an injury or infection True
T/F People who smoke filtered cigarettes tend to inhale more often because they believe they are protected by the filter True
T/F Pathogens are found everywhere: in air, food, and water and on objects, yourself, and others True
T/F Occupational hearing loss is the most commonly recorded occupational illness in manufacturing True
T/F Smokeless tobacco contains ten times fewer carcinogenic substances than those found in cigarettes False
Created by: dianexnicole