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Dallas Criss

Kinetic Entergy

What is the ability to cause change in matter? Energy is the abuility to cause change in matter.
What happens when you move up a hill? when you move up a hill the potential energy is geting grater and grater.
What is potential energy? is energy that is due to the postion or conduction of an energy
what is Kinetic energy? the energy of motion
The amount of________________an objects has depends on its position and how massive it is Potential energy
The faster the snow move downhill the more ____________ it has. Kinetic energy
you use ____________ energy when you make toast? Thermal energy
The ______________ energy in the food you eat keeps your body moving and working . Chemical energy
How many form of energy can be transform into many other form of energy? One
What energy can be stored in a battery Chemical potential
When you turn on a flshlight ,chemical potential energy is changed into_______energy. Electric energy.
What reaction take places for a flashlight bulb to shine? When you turn on a flashlight, chemical potential energy is changed into electrical energy. Electrical energy is then changed into light energy and the bulb shines.
What energy changes takes place when food it cook? When food is cook electrical energy changes into thermal energy, which is tranferred as heat.
What happen to the bread .when it is heated? The bread is warm, brown and crispy
What do you see when the toaster is on? You can the that the wires glow. This is because some of the electrical energy is changed into light energy.
Where does the electrical energy used by the toaster comes from? Your home is connected to a system of electrical lines and cables that lead to generating station.
What are the three forms of energy that can be changed into electrical energy? Kinetic Energy, Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy.
What is the law of conservation of energy? The law of conservation states that the total amount of energy in a system is always the same -- energy canot be created or destrod.
Created by: clakid