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By: Presley Barnes

What is the ability to cause change in matter? Energy
As you move higher and higher up a hill what becomes greater and greater? Potential Energy
What is energy that is due to the position or condition of an object? Potential Energy
What is the energy of motion? Kinetic Energy
the amount of potential energy an object has depends on it what? Position and how massive it is
The faster what goes down a hill, the more kinetic energy it has? something
You use what energy when you turn on a lamp to produce light? Electrical Energy
You use what energy when you make toast? Thermal Energy
You use what energy when you play a instrument? Sound Energy
The ________ energy in the food you eat keeps your body moving and working. Chemical
One form of energy can be ____________ into many other forms of energy. Transformed
__________ potential energy can be stored in a battery. Chemical
When you turn on a flashlight, ______ potential energy is changed into electrical energy. Chemical
The _________ energy is then changed into light energy, and the bulb shines. Chemical
Where does electrical energy come from? Your home is connected to a system of electrical lines and cables that lead to a generating station. There, electrical energy is generated, or produced, from an energy source.
What are three forms of energy that can be changed into electrical energy? When you turn on a flashlight chemical potential energy is changed to electrical energy. Your home is connected to a system of electrical lines. There electrical energy is created. Electrical energy is created through moving water.
What does the law of conservation state? It states that the total amount of energy in a system is always the same- energy cannot be created or destroyed.
Created by: clakid