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Cell Science

These cards tell about Cells.

Definition or QuestionTerm or Answer
He saw empty boxes in thin slices of cork and named them "cells". Robert Hooke
He concluded that all animals are made of cells. Theodor Schwann
He said "Every cell comes from a cell that already exists." Rudolph Virchow
He concluded that all plants are made of cells. Matthias Schleiden
Moves things inside the cell. Endoplasmic Reticulum
Controls all activities of the cell. Nucleus
It packages and moves things out of a cell. Golgi Bodies
Makes proteins in the cell. Ribosomes
Provides energy to the cell. Mitochondria
Provides temperary starage in animal cells only. Vacuole
Surrounds and supports plant cells only. Cell Wall
It controls what enters and leaves the cell. Cell Membrane
In this light is captured and stored in glucose. Chloroplast
The gel-like substance that fills the cell. Cytoplasm
It cleans up the cell by digesting waste. Lysosomes
Answer in "true or false" All organisms on the planet are made of cells. False
Answer in "true or false" All cells made come from existing cells. True
Answer in "true or false" An organelle is the basic unit of all living things. False
What year did Van Leewenhoek see microscopic organisms through a microscope that no one had ever seen before? 1650
What year did Janssen make the first microscope that was compound. 1590
When the cell prepares for it's division. Interphase
When the cell forms chromosomes. Prophase
The chromosomes align in the center. Metaphase
The aligned chromosomes split and move outward. Anaphase
The chromosomes attach at opposite ends. Telophase
The cell is split in two and copied. Cytokinesis
When cells are divided and duplicated. The Cell Cycle
Created by: Annabee10