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Surgical patient

Nursing BOCES

What interventions reduce risk post-op DVT? Early ambulation, hydration, ROM exercises, Compression stockings
What may be delayed due to handling of intestines during surgery? Peristasis
What intervention would assist peristalsis? Ambulation
What interventions may help prevent pneumonia? TCDB, Incentive spirometer, ambulation, frequent position changes
What is the opening of a surgical wound called? Dehiscence
What is the protrusion of body part through open surgical would called? Evisceration
What can be done to prevent dehiscence of abdominal wound? Splinting of incision while moving, coughing, sneezing
When is the best time for patient teaching BEFORE surgery!
What drain is used for wounds that works by gravity? Penrose
What drain is used for wounds that works by a vacuum? Jackson-Pratt
What should be the lowest acceptable O2 sat for intra-op and post-op patients? 90%
How soon after surgery should patient void? 6-8 hrs
What observation may be made if patient is retaining urine? Fullness and distended lower abdomen
What is and early sign of post-op hemorrhage? Restlessness
What type of surgery would amputation be considered? Ablative
What is a frequent nursing diagnosis for nearly all pre-op surgical patients? Fear
Versid and Demerol given preoperatively reduce need for what? Reduces amount of anesthesia required
Why is Atropine given pre-op? Rweduce respiratory secretions
What is referred to as induction? Insert endotrach tube and administer anesthesia
What type of anesthesia decreases LOC but does not put patient completely under? Conscious sedation
What is a typical cause of shock intra-op and post-op? Low blood volume
What are some s/s of shock? Reduced BP, Tachycardia, thready pulse, pale, clammy skin
What position would you put a pt in for shock? Trendelenburg
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