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NREMT Airway

NREMT Airway management

Difference of pediatric airways? 1. smaller jaw 2.larger tongue 3.narrowest part of the pediatric airway is cricoid cartilage 4. epiglottis is rounder and floppier
what is the definition of RESPIRATION? the exchange of gases between living orginisms and its environment
what is the definition of VENTILATION? the mechanical process that moves air into and out of the lungs
normal ranges for PaCO2? 35-45 torr (average 40)
does hyperventilation lower or raise CO2 levels? hyperventilation LOWERS CO2 levels due to increased respiratory rates/deeper respirations.
will a patient with PaCO2 of 30 be alkalotic or acidic? pt will be alkalotic thus decreasing respiratory rate
baroreceptors in carotid body regulate? BP
chemoreceptors are regulated by? PaCO2,pH,CSF
Hering-Breuer Reflex? triggered to prevent over-inflation of the lungs. Pulmonary stretch receptors present in the smooth muscle of the airways respond to excessive stretching of the lung during large inspirations.
Normal Respiratory rates? (adult,pediatric,infant) adult 12-20 pediatric 18-24 infant 40-60
Dead space volume definition? (VD) amount of gases in tidal volume that remains in the airway. (approximately 150 ml in adult male)
Total lung capacity definition? (TLC) maximum lung capacity (average male 6 liters)
Tidal volume definition? (TV) average volume of gas inhaled or exhaled in one respiration cycle (avergae adult male 500 ml)
Inspiratory reserve volume definition? (IRV) the amount of air that can be maximally inhaled after normal inspiration
Most common cause of airway obstruction? the tongue
Kussmaul's respiration Deep,slow or rapid, gasping (common in DKA)
Cheyne-Stokes respirations Progressively deeper,faster breathing alternating gradually with shallow,slower breathing (indication brain stem injury)
Agonal respirations shallow,slow,or infequent breathing (indicating brain anoxia)
Airway sounds stridor,wheezing,rales,rhonchi,snoring,crackles
Esophageal detector device test (bulb) 1. if the bulb does NOT refill then incorrect placememnt. 2. if the bulb refills easilyupon release,indicates proper placement
OPA placement insert with tip facing palate & rotate airway 180 degrees into position.
Cricothyrotomy anatomical landmarks between the cricoid cartilage and the thyroid cartilage
cricothyrotomy Needle size 14 G
cricothyrotomy procedure make a 1 cm horizontal incision through the cricothyroid membrane
O2 regulator specs green,chrom,white, 2:5 pin index
Chronic Bronchitis Pathophysiology: results from increased mucus-secreting cell in respiratory tee. Alveoli relatively unaffected. Decreased alveolar ventilation. Physicla exam: often overweight,RHONCHI present,JVD, ankle edema, hepatic congestion, "BLUE BLOATER"
Chronic Bronchitis TX maintain airway,position of comfort,monitor,IV,Meds (bronchodilators & corticosteroids)
Created by: amathis2