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214 Exam 3 GI

FSC NUR 214 Exam 3 GI Facts

UC S/S Bloody/mucous stool ,Diarrhea 5-30 xday
Chrons S/S Diarrhea, No blood/mucous
Small Bowel Obstruction S/S Intense thirst, Fecal vomiting
Large Bowel Obstruction S/S Constipation only symptom for long time, Blood in stool, Weakness, Weight loss
Diverticulitis S/S Chronic constipation
Appendicitis S/S Rebound: RLQ pain on withdrawal of pressure Rovsings: referred pain, press on left, feel on right"
Peritonitis S/S Board like abdomen
GERD/Hernia S/S Heartburn after meals of bending over
Acute Gastritis S/S Dyspepsia, vomiting, hematemisis, melena
Chronic Gastritis S/S Weight loss
Duodenal Ulcer S/S Gnawing, burning, aching, hunger like pain; Anemia, weight loss, hematemeisis, melena
Gastric Ulcer S/S Gnawing, burning, aching, hunger like pain; Anemia, weight loss, hematemeisis, melena
Choleysistis S/S Fat intolerance, abdominal distension, jaundice
UC pain LLQ, relief w/defication
Chrons pain RLQ
Small Bowel Obstruction pain Wavelike pain
Large Bowel Obstruction pain constipation
Diverticulitis pain Moves to LLQ
Appendicitis pain Starts mid epigastric, moves to RLQ
Peritonitis pain generalized abdominal pain
GERD/Hernia pain Heartburn
Acute Gastritis pain Epigastric
Chronic Gastritis pain Epigastric relieved by food or occurs after meals
Duodenal Ulcer pain 2-3 hours after meals, food can decrease, can radiate to back
Gastric Ulcer pain 30m-1h after meals, food increases, can radiate to back
Choleysistis pain RUQ, radiates to shoulder, Increases rapidly lasting 30min-1hr
UC Diet Low residue, increased protein/calories, supplements
Chrons Diet Low residue, increased protein/calories, supplements
Bowel obstruction Diet NPO
Diverticulitis Diet increased fiber, decreased fat; no: nuts, seeds
Appendicitis Diet NPO
Peritonitis Diet NPO
GERD/Hernia Diet bland, low fat, small frequent meals
Gastritis Diet Liquid diet and then advance
PUD diet bland, no smoking, drinking, caffiene, ID triggers
Choleysititis Diet High fiber, high unsaturated fats, fruits/vegies; Vit C,E, Calcium increase risk
Created by: kallenpoole