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Space hms earth sci

Rotation Spinning of earth
Revolution Earth orbit
Equinox Spring and fall, 12 hours of sunlight
Solstice Summer and winter, longest and shortest days
Sphere Shape of the earth
Ellipse Shape of earths orbit
Solar eclipse Moon shadow on earth
Lunar eclipse Earth shadow on moon
Spring tide Biggest tide, earth moon and sun line up
Neap tide Small tides, moon and earth at 90 degrees
Waning Moon getting smaller
Waxing Moon getting bigger
New moon Moon totally dark
Full moon Moon lit all the way
Meteorite Space rock that hits earth
Meteor Space rock that burns up I. Atmosphere
Comet Ice ball
Constellation Pattern of stars
Absolute Light given off from star
Apparent Light seen on earth
Light year Measures star distances
Sunspot Dark spots on the sun
Cme Energy shot off sun, creates northern lights
Galaxy Group of tars by each other in space
Big Bang Idea that universe began with huge explosion
Hr diagram Graph that show temperature and light patterns with stars
Nebula Dust and gas that makes stars
Black hole Collapsed core of largest stars
Nuclear fusion Star energy, hydrogen to helium
Created by: Hmsearthsci