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mental health 2013

mental health 2013 nursing 165

Denial means Unconscious refusal to accept an unacceptable idea or behavior
An alcoholic doesn’t acknowledge he/she has a problem. example of denial
Rationalization means Explaining away an unacceptable behavior in a way that superficially makes sense, but actually avoids the true explanation for the behavior
I drink because it’s the only way I can deal with my job.” example of rationalization
Suppression means Voluntary exclusion of anxiety-provoking thoughts
“I’ll think about that later.” example of suppression
Repression means Unconscious forgetting of painful events
An accident victim remembers nothing about the accident: example of Repression
Intellectualization means An attempt to avoid expressing actual emotions associated with a stressful situation by using the intellectual process of logic, reasoning, and analysis.
An individual is told he has a life threatening disease & focuses exclusively on the statistical percentages of recovery. example of Intellectualization
Identification means  An attempt to increase self-worth by acquiring certain attributes and characteristics of an individual one admires
A man, unable to accept that he has competitive or hostile feelings about an acquaintance, says, “He doesn’t like me.” :example of  Projection
Projection means  Feelings or impulses unacceptable to one’s self are attributed to another person.
A parent taking on the mistakes of their child as a reflection of their own competency: example of  Introjection
 Introjection means  Beliefs and values of another individual are internalized and symbolically become a part of the self, to the extent that the feeling of separateness or distinctness is lost.
 Compensation means  Involves over achieving in one area to compensate for failures or inadequacies in another.
A baseball player with a poor batting average may step up and improve his game defensively, example of  Compensation
 Reaction formation means  Preventing unacceptable or undesirable thoughts or behaviors from being expressed by exaggerating opposite thoughts or types of behaviors
Jane hates her mother who ignored her when growing up. Jane tells everyone “I have a wonderful mother whom I love very much.” example of  Reaction formation
 Displacement  Feelings are transferred from one target to another that is considered less threatening or neutral.
A nursing student who is angry at the instructor scolds his/her child. example of displacement
 Conversion means An unconscious physical response to anxiety, involving one of the senses.
Ex: On the day a man is to deliver a speech, he is unable to speak. conversion
 Undoing means Engaging in behavior to atone or make up for an undesirable behavior
Ex: An abusive husband brings home flowers to make up for a fight the night before. undoing example of
 Isolation means The separation of a thought or a memory from the feeling, tone, or emotions associated with it.
Ex: A bank teller appears calm and cool while frustrating a robbery but afterward is tearful and tremulous. isolation
 Sublimation means Re-channeling of drives or impulses that are personally or socially unacceptable into activities that are more tolerable and constructive.
Ex: Turning the painful loss of a child into a campaign to increase child safety laws. sublimation
 Regression means A retreat to an earlier level of development and the comfort measures associated with that level of functioning.
Ex: A ten-year-old sucking his thumb when he gets sick regression
 Maturational (developmental) crises associated with the normal phases of growth and development
 Situational crises  occur in response to an event which can range from job change to catastrophic events.
Substance abuse excessive use of a chemical substance and the resulting physical and psychological dependence that interferes with life’s activities
Dependence condition that causes a habitual, compulsive, and uncontrollable urge to use a substance
Substance use taking a chemical for pleasure without dependence
Substance misuse use of chemicals for reasons other than their intended action
Addiction negative outcomes after abusers stop using substances
Withdrawal syndrome symptoms that may result if the drug is eliminated suddenly
 Antidepressants :SSRIs • Fluoxetine (Prozac®), • Sertraline (Zoloft®), • Escitalopram (Lexapro®),
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