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Arian Latin 2

Arians 4th 9wks Study stack

derma skin
gens family
pax peace
terra earth
tyrannus ruler
praeteritus past
aetas era
articulus crisis
comprehendo understand
contemptio scorn
continio contain
cruciamentum torture
fluo flow
fortis strong, brave
glacialis frozen
homo human
humilis humble
hypocrita hypocrite
ignarus ignorant
immortalis immortal
industria industry
infamo infamy
instituo institute
instructus instruct
labor work
legio legion
libero liberate
lubricus oily
luna moon
luxuria luxury
magister master
materia material
memoria memory
molestia annoyance
natura nature
navigo navigate
nutrimens nourishment
oblivio oblivion
opportune opportunely
oro speak
pactum pact
porta gate
progressio progress
recupero regain
reluctor to be reluctant
sapiens wise
bestia beast
barba beard
civilis civil
nomen name
imperator emperor
demonstro demonstrate
despero despair
Created by: Arian