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Chapter 15,16,17,18&19

Primary explosives are? NOT very stable
Debris recovered from the site of an explosion is routinely rinsed with _____ in an attempt to recover explosive residues. acetone
What is a homemade explosive that has been used by terrorist organization in the Middle East? TATP
Which of the following statements is false? Dynamite is an initiating high explosive.
Which is NOT a high explosive? black powder
An explosive readily detonated by heat or shock is: primary eplosive
What is NOT true about taggants? They are widely used to help trace an explosive to its last legal possessor.
Spot testing for the presence of explosives can be confrimed in the laboratory using IR & x-ray defraction
The most widely used low explosive is black powder & smokeless poweder
A procedure commonly used as a test for explosive residues is: GC/MS,color spot test/thin layer/GC
A chemical used to synthesize the explosive TATP is? hydrogen peroxide
High explosives can be classifed as either ___or___explosives. Primary;secondary
The chemical ingredients of black powder are commonly: potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulfur
____ explosives detonate almost instantaneously to produce a smasing or shattering effect. High explosives
_____ is NOT a military explosive. nitroglycerin
Eplosives taht decompose at relatively slow rates are classifed as: Low explosives
Telltale signs of arson include: accelerant,"streamer",separate points orgin, trails of burn patterns
Combustion occurring at the surface of the solid describes: glowing combustion
Factor that contribute to abnormal observation at a fire scene include: winds&drafts,secondary fires,structure holes,stirways&elevator shafts
When investigator search a fire scen, the first focus must be on: finding the origin of the fire
Which instrmmentation is considered the most sensitive and reliable for detecting and characterizing flammable residues? GC
A common classification system charaterizes ignitable liquids based on their boliing point ranges and number of ___ moeclues as light, medium and heavy petroleum distillates. carbon
Heat ennergy can ignite distant objects through the transmission of: Electromagnetic energy
Complex chromatographic patterns can be simplified by passing the compoinents emerging from the GC column through mass spectrometer
The transfer of heat energy by movement of molecules withi a liquid or gas is: convection
A fuel can only achieve combustion in: gaseous state
The minimum temp at which fuel vapor will ignite is known as: the ignition temp
All combustible fules simultaneously igniting to engulf a structure in flames is known as: flashover
Gasoline residues are best characterized by: gas chromatography
A natural heat-producing process that may give rise to a fire is: spontaneous combustion
The decomposition of organic matter by heat describes: pyrolysis
Hydrocarbon acelerants can be detected by: portable dector(sniifer)/traied dogs
_____ can not be determinded from a lab examination of evidence recovered from an arson. The brand name of the gasoline used to start the fire.
The chemical reaction associated with a fire is oxidation
The transfer of heat energy by he movement of molecules witin a liquid or gas is: Convection
_____is used to analyze the make and model of a printer when it is not physical available. Class characteristics
A data bank of ink dye patterns has been maintained by the U.S. Secret Service using: TLC
Document examiners frequently uncover the original writing or words that have been crossed out with the aid of: infrared radiation
Inks on hadwriteen documents may be copared for their chemical composition by the tech of: thin-layer chromatogrphy
The process by which the image is stored inn memory by scanning and converting by computer into array of digital intensity values called picture elements is known as: digitizing
Some inks, when expsoed to blue-green light, absorb ___ radiation and emit light. infrared
Fax machines print a header known as ___ at the top of each fax page which may become a very importat point of comparison. TTI
Which of the following is NOT considered a hardware device? The opperating sysytem
which of the following is NOT considered a type of software Random Access Memory
What we know as the internet was orginally developed in? 1969
What keeps track of the location of files and folders on the HDD? the FAT
One gigabyte can be expressed as: 1,000 megabytes(MB)
When is it necessary to make a "fingerprint" of a HDD? before and after imaging its contents
Which of the following is not considered to be classified as software? Floppy dics
Hard drive partitions are typically divided into? Cluster, Tracks,Cylinders & Sectors
The complex of wires located on the motherboard which seres to carry data from one hardware device to another is" ROM
One should not look for "latent" data in: temporary files
Sectors are typically ___ bytes in size. 512
One should not search for "visible" date in: unallocated space
A ____ is an automated search tool used to locate information on the internet. Search engine
A quick method for sweitching back and forth between related web pages is to use: Hyepertext
A _____ will provide the user with the capabilities for acessing web pages on the world wide web. brower
Files containing chat and instant messaging are most likely stored in: RAM
which service will allow the user to select informative messages of his or her choice fromt he systems bulletin board-like setup? Newgroups
A service offered through the internet that will send messages concerning a specific topic directly to you e-mail acount is? mailing list
If an individual wishes to send a message to another individual located in another part of the world he or she would use which sustem? Electronic mail
The area of the internet where all the documents of informatoin are collected is called the: World Wide Web
When looking at the deceased vitim,investigators should look for wounds&blood,fingernail scraping&finails
Which factor would not effect decomposition? sex of individual
The stiffening of the body musces after death is called? rigor mortis
The term used to describe when blood settles to the bottom side of the body is? lividity
Bodies found in air cecompose ____ as fast as those found submerged in water. twice
What is studied in forensic playnology? pollen and spores
The most reliable bone to determine sex is? pelvis
The second best bone for determining sex is? skull
Baby teeth are also known as? deciduous
Adults that have a full set of teeth contain___teeth in total. 32
Children usually get their first final permanent teeth by about. 6-8 yrs
Children usually have their first tooth eruption at what age? 7 mo
What part of the bone is responsible for most of the length of the bone metaphysis
What bones are used to determine height? humerus,radius & ulna
The best bone to determine race is? skull
Toward midline Medial
Away from midline Lateral
Closer to any point of reference on the body Proximal
Farther from any point of reference on the body distal
How many bones are usually found in an adult human? 206
Created by: BallisticsGal