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Yr 10 Personality Tr

幽默 humorous
诚实 honest
努力 hard working
骄傲 arrogant
狡猾 cunning
可靠 dependable
耐心 patient
友好 friendly
和蔼 kind/warm hearted
聪明 intelligent
漂亮 pretty
好看 good looking
难看 ugly
苗条 slim
内向 introvert
外向 extravert
冷静 calm
多才多艺 talented
能干 capable
勤奋 diligent
安静 quiet
成功 successful
勇敢 brave
自私 selfish
瘦小 thin and small
调皮 naughty
性急 impatient
可爱 cute
认真 conscientious
自信 confident
谦虚 modest
Created by: MurrayLaoshi
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