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Week 14 Terms

Antrum The proximal, expanded portion of the pyloric part of the stomach
Ascites The excessive accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity
Bilirubin Produced from hemoglobin as a result of the breakdown of red blood cells; the principal pigment of bile
Gastrin A hormone secreted by certain cells of the pyloric glands which stimulate secretion of gastric acid and pepsin
Esophagoscopy Examination of the esophagus
Gastroenterostomy Surgical anastomosis between the stomach and small bowel
Gastroscopy Inspection of the interior of the stomach with a gastroscope
HAV Ab-Test for viral hepatitis type A
HBs Ag-Test for viral hepatitis type B
HBV Viral hepatitis type B often referred to as serum hepatitis
Hematemesis Vomiting of blood
Hepatic Pertaining to the liver
Idiopathic Pertaining to the conditions without clear pathogenesis, or a disease without recognizable cause
Incarceration Imprisonment of a part; as in some form of hernia
Inguinal Pertaining to the groin
Intractable Uncontrollable by usual medical-nursing measures
Intrinsic Factor A glycoprotein secreted by the gastric glands which is necessary for the absorption and assimilation of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)
Jaundice A condition characterized by yellowness of the skin, sclera of the eye, mucous membrane and body fluids due to deposits of bile pigment resulting from excess bilirubin in the blood
Malabsorption Impaired intestinal absorption of nutrients
Melena Black, tarry stools caused by digested blood
Occult Blood Blood not visible on gross inspection of body products such as feces and detected by lab tests
Paralytic Ileus Paralysis of intestinal wall with distension and symptoms of acute obstruction and prostration
Peritonitis Inflammation of the peritoneum, the membranous coat lining the abdominal cavity and investing the viscera
Polypectomy Surgical excision of a polyp.
Sigmoidoscopy Examination of the sigmoid flexure by means of a sigmoidoscope
Stoma Surgically created opening for the large colon onto the abdominal wall a) distal-connects with the rectum b) proximal-allows for expulsion of end products of digestion
Subphrenic Beneath the diaphragm
Strangulated Constricted so that air or blood supply is cut off as a strangulated hernia
Urobilinogen A colorless derivative of bilirubin formed in feces and present in urine
Vagotomy Selected surgical ligation of the vagus nerve
Volvulus A twisting of the bowel upon itself causing obstruction
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