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dudek chapter 3

protein componenet of every living cell. plays a role in fluid balance, provides 4cal of energy
amino acids building blocks of protein. used as components of enzuems, hormones, antibodies
essential amino acids body cannot make these. they must abe consumed through food
nonessentinal amino acids can be made by the body if nitrogen is available
absorption site of anmino acids principal site is small intestine
protein digestion begins in stomach, HCL breaks down protein
notrogen balanace protein syntheisis is occuring at the same rate as protein breakdown. is determined by intake of nitrogen and output of nitrogen
anablolism protein sysnthesis
catabolism protein breakdown
positive nitrogen balance when protein synthesis exceeds protein breakdown
negative nitorgen balance undesirable state that occurs when protein breakdown exceeds protein syntheses
where protein if found all food groups except for the fruit gorup
RDA for protein 10-20% of total calories. most americans consume more protein than they need
complete proteins provide all essential amino acids. animal and soy protein are complete proteins
incomplete proteins these proteins lack one or more essential amino acids. except for soy, all plants ares ources of incomplete proteins
complementary proteins 2 proteins that when combined, provide all essential amino acids
supplements for pure vegan pts may need to have vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements
american diet provides 50% more protein than needed
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