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science vocab. 2


Weathering the process in which materials are broken down by the action of either mechanical, or physical process.
Mechanical Weathering the breaking down of a rock to smaller pieces
Erosion the process in which soil and sediment is moved to one place to another
Chemical weathering the processi which a rock is broken down into smaller pieces by chemical means
Water cycle the continuous movement of the earth's water: from the ocean to the atmosphere, to the land , back to the ocean
Watershed the area of land that is drained by the water system
Deposition the process in which material at the location where a river empties into a smaller body of water.
Alluvial Fan fan shaped pattern of deposited material at the location where a river empties into a flat plain( on happens on land usually in areas that are very dry in most of the year)
Flood plain the area along a river that forms from sediment deposited when a river overflows it's banks
Water table the upper surfaces of underground water
pollution the introduction of harmful substances into the environment
point-source pollution Pollution from one specific ste
non-point source pollution pollution that comes from many sources
sewage treatment plant facilities that clean the waste materials out of the water
Created by: tyson_wittmann