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Is a nonselective beta blocker affecting bronchial and cadiac sites, reducing HR, cardiac output and BP. Propranolol
Is a calcium channel blocker that is indicated for PSVT refractory to Adenosine, as well as A-Flutte and A-Fib Verapamil
Provides assistance to the vascular buffering system by reducing the effects of metabolic, acidosis. Sodium Bicarb
Is a fibrinolytic that acts by activating the process that converts plasminogen to plasmin and results in degredation of fibrin and fibrinogen. Streptokinase
Is a rapid acting hypotensive agent producing peripheral vasodilation and a mild increase in HR, decreased cardiac output and peripheral resistance. Sodium Nitroprusside
Is used only for inhalation to induce bronchodilation and to reduce laryngeal edema and mucus secretion. Raceemic epi
Is indicated for tricyclic antidepressant and barbituate OD, refractory acidosis, and hyperkalemia at doses of 1mEq/kg Sodium Bicarb
Is a non selective beta blocker that slows HR and decreases AV conduction and irritability Sotalol
Is an ultra short acting depolarizing neuromuscular blocker. Succinylcholine
AKA Vitamin B1 is required to convert glucose into energy. Thiamine
Is indicated for coma of unknown origin, chronic alcoholism w associated coma, delirium tremens administered at 50-100mg IV/IM. Thiamine
Is a synthetic sympathomimetic that causes bronchodilation w less cardiac effect than epi. Terbutaline
Is indicated for ventricular and supraventricular dysrhythmias and is administered at 1-1.5mg/kg IV/IO Sotalol
Is a self-administered analgesic gas composed of two different gases, that lasts only 2-5mins Nitrous Oxide.
Is a selective seratonin receptor antagonist preventing nausea and vomiting. Ondansetron
Is a nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocker that causes paralysis w/o bronchospasm or hypotension Pancuronium
Is a rapid smooth muscle relaxant that reduces PVR, BP, venous return, and cardiac workload. Nitro
AKA Levophed, and is given at 0.1-0.5mcg/kg/min IV/IO and titrated to response. Norepinephrine
Is a long acting barbituate anticonvulsant w sedative and hypnotic effects that limits the spread of seizure activity. Phenobarbitol
Prolongs ventricular repolarization, slows conduction, and decreases myocardial excitability. Procainamide
Is an anticholinergic agent that enhances effects of analgesics and is a potent antiemetic. Promethazine
Is a nonselecrive beta blocker affecting bronchial and cardiac sites, reducing HR, cardiac output and BP Propranolol
Is indicated for chest pain associated w angina, acute myocardial infarction, acute pulmonary edema, and may produce a headache Nitro
Is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas essential for life and one of the most important emergency drugs Oxygen
Is contraindicated in cases of severe anemia, head trauma, hypotension, increased ICP, pts taking sildenafil, glaucoma and shock. Nitro
AKA as Zofran, and is given at 4-8mg over 1-5mins Ondansatron
Is light sensative and will lose potency when exposed to the air, given at 0.4mg per dose. Nitro
Reduces the spread of electrical discharges in the motor cortex and inhibits seizures and can counteract the effects of digitalis. Phenytoin
AKA Dilantin, and is indicated for seizures, status epilepticus, cardiac dysrhythmias secondary to digitalis toxicity Phenytoin
AKA as Pronestyl, is indicated for V-Fib and pulseless V-Tach refractory to lidocaine. Procainamide
Is indicated for hypoxia or anticipated hypoxia, or in any medical or trauma pt to improve respiratory efficiency. Oxygen
Is a naturally occuring hormone that causes the uterus to contract, causing induction of labor, encouraging delivery of the placenta, and controlling post partum hemorrhage. Oxytocin
Is dosed at 20mg/min IV drip, to a max of 17mg/kg to effect. Procainamide
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