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World Geog post test

Post test

Ice Covers 81% of Greenland. Economy is based on what Industry? Fishing
Why did San Francisco become a large city? Large Natural harbor
Why were early farmers in the grasslands of American prairies concerned about root systems? Tangled root systems made plowing difficult
What kind of soil is found in the Palouse area? Wind blown sediment
The National Highway System is made up of? Interstates and principal arterials of the US
Population of Nevada compared to Canada? Twice as high.
Rise in malnutrition is caused by? Increased demand for food has led to a food shortage.
Rising population adversely affect natural resources. Water Scarcity
Largest population in Europe is Germany
Area west of the Appalachians Intermontane region
How did the growth of cotton and tobacco lead to slavery? profit margin was so low that only by using slaves could a profit be made
Country south of the Himalayan range India
Interstate Highway system named after what president? Eisenhower
A major role in the economic activity of South Africa Export of Gold
What is the trend in US cities after WWII Rapid growth of suburbs
Feature of a market economy? Free Market
Industrial revolution came about by what invention? Steam Engine
Telegraph was a practical use of? Or what made the telegraph work? Electricity
Crop that could be affected by cold weather in Europe? Wheat
This raises and lowers ships in a river? Lock
What is the most limiting natural resouces in South Africa? Water
This plays a major role in the economy of South Africa? Export of Gold
Natural resources of the United Arab Emirates Oil
What does population density mean? Measurement of population per unit area
What canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? Panama Canal
Advantage of cell phones over landline phones? Increased portability
Queensland Australia is known as the? Gold Coast
Lithosphere is broken into large sections called? Plates
What gas surrounds the earth? Atmosphere
Movement theme of geography is? People
Where does most of Los Angeles' water come from? Agua Fria River
Why is it illegal to dump computer monitors in landfills? Lead
Congress passed this environmental act in 1972? Clean Water Act
What three things effect pollution everywhere? Poor air quality, water-related illnesses, dust storms.
Why was the Tennessee Valley Authority criticized? Operation contributed to soil erosin and pollution
Flood insurance is provided by what group? FEMA
What led to an economic upswing in the 1970's? Oil
What fault runs through California? San Andreas Fault
Earth's system includes rocks, minerals, hills and mountains Lithosphere
What was a concern for building New Orleans? Flooding in certain areas
What is a Megalopolis? Many large cities blend into each other.
Location is ? absolute and relative
The type of geographic representation that preserves the shape of the features but distorts the area? Conformal map
A globe is a? True scale model of the earth
An elevation map shows how high the land is
Why does the US have a high number of hispanics? Mexico borders the US
Coastal redwoods would be this type of vegetation? Primary vegitation
Another name for the scrub forest of California is ? Chaparral
Occurs around the ring of fire? Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
Winds blowing from North to South toward polar fronts Polar Westerlies
Why is San Francisco so foggy? Moist air accompanies the cool ocean current
Erosion that creates floodplains is called? Stream Erosion
Example of push factor in migration. Pull factor? Push factor: war, poverty, persecution Pull factor: better climate, job, family
This caused population clusters in Western Eurasia? Industrial Revolution
Why would moving to the suburbs be economically good? Introduction of mass-produced housing
Define vernacular region. By peoples perceptions
Compare population of 2014 to 2010 greater than (more people)
What state would have a subtropical pine forest? Florida
A uniform region in Kansas is known for growing? Wheat
What makes it possible for ships to go from the Great Lakes to the rest of the world? St. Lawrence Seaway
List three reasons it was hard to move west in the 1800's? Mountains, rivers and deserts
Hawaii was created by what? Volcanic activity
The influence of warm ocean current make for warmer winter temperatures. Give examples Paris and London would have warmer winters than New Yorks and Montreal
One reason for people moving across the world since WWII Increased opportunities and interdependence between countries
This event in Ireland led to people moving to the US Potato faminie
This led to the growth in suburbs in the US increase in wages and availability of housing
Political geography is the study of what? Cultural beliefs
What is a feature of a traditional economy? Ownership through inheritance
What has led to the rise of South Korea compared to North Korea? South Korea has an outward focused strategy
Three factors that belong in the human-environmental interaction theme of geography Humans adapting to environment, modifying environment, depending on environment
Great Lakes pine forest typically grow in what part of the US? Northeastern Minnesota
How has the internet created a digital divide? Lack of a strong technological infrastructure
Weather satellite that helps predict hurricanes landfall TIROS
What has led to the rise in population in the Sun Belt? migration of baby boomers
Three things included in the study of the biosphere? plants, animals and mosses
What caused the Dust Bowl? Drought and poor agricultural practices.
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