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Tae Kwon Do Vocab

Master Kim's Normandale vocabulary words

Char-ryut Attention
Kyung-nae Bow
Sar-bum-nim Instructor
Dole-Ra Turn around
Joon-be Ready Stance
Bar-row Resume Ready Stance
Kee-mar-sae Horse riding stance
Ap-seo-gi Short front stance
Ap-koo-bi Long front stance
Char-gi Kick
Ap front
Yup side
Dwei Back
Dolryo-Cha-gi Round kick
Nerya Cha-gi Axe Kick
Baal-Nul Knife Foot
Ahre Chi-gi Low Punch
Palkoop Chi-gi Elbow Strike
Momtong Body
Palkoop Elbow
Dojang Taekwondo School
She-Jark Begin
Ki-harp Yell
Kwanchagnim Grandmaster
Ap-chook Ball of the foot
Kukie Flag
Shi-yuh Rest
Dou-Book Uniform
Ko-mahn Stop
Soo-Go Thank you
Hai-Cho Dismissed
Dwei-Ro Backwards
Ji-Ru-Gi Punch
Mark-gi Block
Gullgi Cha-gi Hook Kick
Twi-o Char-gi Jumping Kick
Dwei Chook Heel
Bandae Ji-Ru-Gi Reverse Punch
Son Nal Chi-gi Knife Hand Strike
Joomock Fist
Eolgul Face
Jogonim Assistant Instructor
Created by: jfoust1776