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Trivia questions about the Trojans involved in the Trojan War

Who was the king of Troy? King Priam
Who was the wife of king Priam? Hecuba
Which son of King Priam was invited to judge which goddess was most beautiful? Paris
Who were the three goddesses competing for the golden apple? Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena
What did Aphrodite bribe Paris with? The most beautiful woman in the world
Who did Paris steal Helen from? King Menelaus of Sparta
Which gods and goddesses assisted the Trojans during the war? Aphrodite, Apollo, and Ares
Which region was the first to come to the aid of the Trojans? The Amazons
Who was the queen of the Amazons? Penthesleia
Who was the king of Ethiopia? Memnon
Who was the oldest son of Priam and Hecuba? Hector
Who killed Hector? Achilles
Who was the daughter of Priam that was sacrificed after the war? Polyxena
Whose tomb was Polyxena sacrificed at? Achilles
Who was the Trojan prince that escaped the destruction of Troy? Aeneas
What news did Priam recieve on the day of Paris' birth? A child born on that day would be the downfall of Troy
Who did Paris choose to be with Helen when he died? Deiphobus
Who does Andromache blame the fall of Troy on? Helen
Who feel in love with Penthesila during the battle? Achilles
Who killed Priam? Neoptolemus
What happened the the city of Troy? It was burned
Created by: zoeyjohnson