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sex, scope role of n

sex scope role of nursing 212

scope of nursing: in Michigan nursing is defined by what; public health code;
we prioritize what we ___ value
we are accountable for ethical behavior to whom self, pt, employer and society
what is the legal order of consent for adult pts guardian, pt, DPOA for medical care, spouse, adult children, parents, adult siblings, adult grandchildren
HIV law: with in how many days do we need to report it to the health department; who needs to be notified; counseling is mandatory for what; 7 days; partner; testing;
legally responsible to call gift of life when: what does GCS have to be; what does pt need to be on; <5; a vent or considered to be withdrawn from vent
what nursing dx are focused on education ineffective health maintenance, readiness for enhanced knowledge, knowledge deficit
what is the case management role this was developed out of the need to manage complex care needs of pts during and after hospitalization and prevent readmissions
with sexuality and older adults what is the PLISSIT model used permission-lead in questions, limited information, specific suggestions, intensive therapy
Created by: jmkettel