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science quiz notes

why does california have many rocky beaches? the high energy of the waves erodes the cliffs along the shoreline leaving large boulders and cobbles
what is the effect of tsunamis on california? because there is tectonic activity throughout the pacific ocean California coast is at risk from tsunamis
why are there no hurricanes in california? because the California current brings cold water to the California coast from the northern latitudes
what are the habitats of the sea life on california? rocky shores, intertidal zone
what is the impact of humans on the california coast? it is large, because habitat is lost many species are lost
what are the two types ocean currents surface currents and deep ocean currents
what are their influences surface:produce whitecaps,causes waves to crash, on the surface deep ocean: density drives it, transports water, heat, nutrients, animals, plants, and ships
how is energy and heat transferred energy: sun heat: ocean currents
what are the two major currents that effect California California current and Davidson current
what are their characteristics California current:brings cold water to the California coast, wide, slow-moving, cold-water current, brings cold water from the northern latitudes Davidson current:narrow, warm water current, flows northward, from lower latitudes to higher latitudes,
what is the Coriolis effect on the ocean caused by earth spinning on its axis, currents tend to move in a clockwise pattern in the northern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the southern hemisphere
how do density and deep ocean currents interact density drives deep ocean currents
what is a gyre and how does it influence the ocean a gyre is a cycle of ocean currents, it influences the direction the current will flow
what are the special currents special currents: Gulf Stream current, Antarctic Circumpolar Current
what are their effects Gulf Stream: causes climate in Europe to be milder despite its high altitude antarctic circumpolar current: continuous flow of water, driven in an east ward direction around the southern part of earth by strong westerlies
what is the effects of el nino and la nina on ocean currents El Nino: droughts, increased rain and flooding La Nina: changes weather and ocean currents
Created by: animallova3