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Marine Bio Test 2

What is malacology? The study of molluscs
What is a main characteristic of a mollusc? They have a muscular foot
What classes have the muscular foot? Gastropods and Bivalves
What animals are included in the class Gastropoda? Snails, slugs, limpets, abalones
What do gastropods eat? Algae
What is a gastropods most developed sense? Smell
What animals are included in the class Bivalvia? Muscles, scallops, clams, oysters
What do bivalves have that gastropods do not? A two pieced hinged shell
What type of food do the bivalves eat? They are filter feeders
What is the Bivalves best sense? Smell
What can Bivalves detect? Chemicals in the water
What type of animals are in Cephalopoda? Squids, Ocupus, cuttlefish, nautilus
What are the dermal chromatophore cells for in Cephalopods for? Changing colors for protection
What is a hyponome in a Cephlopod? It is the siphon that is used as a propulsion system using high speed water jets
What are Cephalopods? Carnivores
What percent of all living animal species do the Arthropoda account for? 75%
What is the subphylum we learned about? Crustacea
What is the hard external covering a crustacean has formed from? Chitin
What does the head do? Carries most sensory appendages
What does the thorax carry appendages for? Walking and feeding
What is it called when the head and thorax are fused together? Cephalothorax
What does the abdomen carry? Appendages for swimming and carrying eggs
What is the antenne used for? Navigation
What are maxillipeds? Mouth parts
What are Pleopods? Swimming legs
Pereiopods Legs used to gather food
Chelipeds Claws
Uropods used to steer while swimming
Telson bears the anus
What animals are in the class Malacostraca? Crabs, lobsters, shrimp, krill, woodlice, scuds, mantis shrimp
What makes the Malacostraca animals alike? They are united by a common body plan (made up of 20 body appendages/segments)
What organisms are in the order Decapoda? Shrimp, Lobster, Crab
What do the decapoda usually have? 5 pairs of legs for walking, feeding, and swimming
What type of consumer are animals of Decapoda? Scavengers
What are in the class Asteroidea? Sea Stars
What class are Brittle stars in? Ophiuroidea
What class are Sea Urchins in? Echinoidea
What class are Sea lilies in? Crinoidea
What class are Sea cucumbers in? Holothuroidea
Most echinodermata have a.. Calcareous endoskeleton
What filters what into the vascular system ? Madreporite
What are 4 characteristics of Asteroidea? 1. Flattened bodies 2. 5 thick, fleshy arms (also 6, 10, or 21) 3. Mostly carnivores 4. Most move by using tube feet
Created by: hbreninger