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Medical abbrev.NU211

Medical Abbreviation exam

Angio Vessel
Cardi- or cardio- Heart
embolus Moving clot
Hem-, hema-, hemo- Blood
Hemato- Blood
Lymph-, lympho- Lymph
Phlebo- Vein
Thrombo- Clot (of blood)
Vaso- Vessel
Vena- Vein
emia Blood
Abdomino- Abdomen
Amyl- Starch
Ano- Anus
Appendeco- Appendix
Bili- Bile
Bucc-, Bucca- Cheek
Caeco- Cecum
Chole- Related to bile
Cholecyst- Gallbladder
Colo- Colon
Duodeno- Duodenum
Entero- Intestine
Esophago- Esophagus
Gastro- Stomach
Gingiva- Gum
Glossa-, Glosso- Tongue
Glyco- Sugar
Hepato-, Hepa- Liver
Ile-, Ileo-, Ilo- Ileum
Jejuno- Jejunum
Lapar- Abdomen
Odonto- Tooth
Phag- Eat
Pharyngo- Pharynx
Procto- Rectum
Recto- Rectum
-emesis Vomiting
-phage Ingesting
adeno- Gland
Thyro- Thyroid
Aur- Ear
Blephar- Eyelid
Dent- Tooth
Laryngo- Larynx
Naso- Nose
Oculo- Eye
Opthalmo- Eye
Oto- Ear
Phon- Sound
Phot- Light
Rhino-, Rhin- Nose
Tonsilo- Tonsil
Cutis-, Cut- Skin
Derm-,Derma-, Dermato- Skin
Lipo- Fat
Pruri- Itch
Acro- Extremities
Arthro- Joint
Brachio- Arm
Cervico- Neck
Chondro- Cartilage
Muscuol- Muscle
Myelo- Bone marrow, spinal cord
Myo- Muscle
Oss-, Ost-, Osteo- Bone
Ped- Foot, Child
Pod- Foot
Sacro- Sacrum
Sarco- Flesh
Skeleto- Skeleton
Cerebrum- Brain
Cranio-, Crani Skull, head
Encephal- Brain
Neuro- Nerve
Psych-, psycho- Mind
Sens- Sense
-esthesia Sensation
plegia Paralysis
Cervico- Cervix
Colpo- Related to vagina
Cysto- Related to sac, cyst
Genito- Genitalia
Gyn- Woman
Hyster-, Hystero- Uterus
Labio Labium/labia
Mast- Breast
Meno- Menses
Oophor- Ovary
Orchi-, Orchido- Testicle
Ovario-, Oophoro- Ovary
Perineo- Perineum
Salping-, Salpingo Fallopian tubes
Utero- Uterus
Vagino- Vagina
Vulvo Vulvus
Aero- Air
Bronchus-, broncho- Bronchus
Costo- Ribs
Pleur- Rib
Pne- Breathing
Pneumia-, pneum- Lung
Pulmo- Lung
Spiro- Breathe
Thoraco- Chest
Tracheo- Trachea
-pnea breathing
Cysto- Bladder
Hydro- Water
Hygro- Moisture
Nephro- Kidney
Pyelo- Pelvis of kidney
Reni-, Reno- Kidney
Uretero- Ureter
Urethro- Urethra
Uro- Urine
urea, -uria Urine
Ab- Away from
Ad- Toward, to
Ambi- Around, on both sides
Ante- Before, forward
Anti- Against, counteracting
Ap-, Apo- Away from
Circum- Around
Co-, Com-, Con- Together
Contra- Against, opposite
Dis- From
Dorsum-, Dorso Back
E-, Ec- Out from
Em-, En- Into, in, within
Endo- Within
Epi- Upon
Eso- Inside
Ex- Out, out of, away from
Extra- Outside of, in addition to
Fore- Before, in front of
Hemi- Half
Hyper- Too much, high
Hypo- Under, decreased
In- In, within, into
Infra- Below
Inter- Between
Intra- Within
Intro- In, within, into
Juxta- Near, close to
Latero- Side
Medio- Middle
Ob- Against, in front of
Olig- Few, small
Opisth- Backward
Os- Opening, mouth
Para- Beside, accessory to
Per- By, through
Peri- Around
Post- After
Pre-, Pro- Before
Radio- Radiation
Re- Back, again
Retro- Backward
Sub-, Sup Under
Super- Above, excess
Supra- Above
Syn- Together
Trans- Across, over
Un- Not, back, reversal
Acu- Sharp
Auto- Self
Bio- Life
Brady- Slow
Cyn- Blue
Cyt-, Cyte-, Cyto Cell
Dys- Difficult, painful, abnormal
Electro- Electric
Embol- Insert a wedge
Eryth- Red
Eu- Normal
Ferro- Iron
Fibro- Fiber
Histo- Tissue
Homo-, Homeo Same
Leuk- White
Lith- Stone
Mal- Bad, poor
Ne-, Neo- New
Nebul- Cloud, mist
Necr-, Necro- Dead
Nitro- Nitrogen
Noct- Night
Oc- Occlude
Ortho- Straight, normal
Palp- Touch, feel
Path- Disease
Ped- Child, foot
Pha- Speak
Photo- Light
Phren- Diaphragm, Mind
Pseudo- Palse
Pyo- Pus
Pyro- Fever
Sclero- Hard, hardening
Sept- Wall off
Steat- Fat
Steno- Narrowing, constriction
Tachy- Fast
Therm- Heat
A-, an-, ar- Without or not
Bi- Double
Bis- Two
Demi- Half
Di- Double, separation, reversal
Dy- Two
Equi- Equal
Macro- Big
Mega, Megalo- Large, great
Micro- Small, tiny
Mono- Single
Multi- Many
Non- Not
Pan- All
Poly- Many, much
Quadri- Four
Semi- Half
Sex- Six
Tri- Three
Un-, Uni- One
Ultra- Excess, beyond
-able Able to
-al Action, process
algia, -algesia Pain
-ase Enzyme
cele Tumor/swelling
-centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
cide Destructive/killing
-cule Little
cyte Cell
-dynia Pain
-ectasia Dilating, stretching
ectomy Surgical removal of
-emesis Vomiting
emia Blood
-esis Action
-esthesia Sensation
-form Shaped like
-genesis, -genetric Formation, origin
-gram Tracing, mark
-graph Writing
-iasis Condition, pathologic state
-ism Condition
-itis Inflammation of
-ize To treat
lith, -lithiasis Presence of stones
lysis Disintegration
megaly Enlargement
-meter Instrument that measures
-nos, -noso Disease
-oid Likeness, resemblance
-oma Tumor
-omy To incise
-opathy Disease of
-opsy Examination
orrhaphy Surgical repair
osis Disease/condition
oscopy Look into with instrument
ostomy To form an opening
-otomy To incise
-pexy Fixation
-phage Ingesting
philia Affinity for
-phylaxis Protection
-phobia Fear
-plasm To mold
plasty Reconstruction
plegia Paralysis
-pnea Breathing
-rhage Excessive flow or discharge
-ptosis A lowered position
rhea Excessive discharge
-rhexis Rupture
-sclerosis Dryness, hardness
scope Instrument for visual examination
-scopy To examine visually
-stomy To form an opening
-tomy Incision into
-trophy Nutrition, nourishment
urea, -uria Urine
Amb Ambulatory
BRP Bathroom privileges
CBR Complete bed rest
OOB Out of bed
ROM Range of motion
up ad lib Up as desired
abd Abdomen
BP Blood pressure
bx Biopsy
C Celsius (centigrade)
cc Chief complaint
c/o Complains of
CN Cranial nerves
dx Diagnosis
F Fahrenheit
GI Gastrointestinal
GU Genitourinary
HEENT Head, eyes, ears, nose, throat
Imp Impressions
lt Left
MSK Musculoskeletal
neg Negative
O.D. Right eye (oculus dexter)
O.S. Left eye (oculus sinister
O.U. Both eyes
P Pulse
PE Physical examination
PMH Past medical history
qs Quantity sufficient
R Respirations
R/O Rule out
ROS Review of systems
rt Right
Rx Prescription
Sx Symptoms
T Temperature
TPR Temperature, pulse, respirations
VS Vital signs
WNL Within normal limits
amt Amount
BM Bowel movement
I&O Intake and output
vd Void
ABG Arterial blood gases
BE Barium enema
Ca Calcium
CBC Complete blood count
Cl Chloride
C&S Culture and sensitivity
CXR Chest x-ray
ECG (EKG) Cardiogram
K Potassium
Lytes Electrolytes
Na Sodium
RBC Red blood cells
UA Urinalysis
UGI Upper GI
WBC White blood cells
ASHD Arteriosclerotic heart disease
BPH Benign prostatic hypertrophy
CA Cancer
CAD Coronary artery disease
CHF Congestive heart failure
COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CVA Cerebrovascular accident
DM Diabetes mellitus
HTN Hypertension
MI Myocardial infarction
PVD Peripheral vascular disease
STD Sexually transmitted disease
Gt or gtt Drop(s)
ID Intradermal
IM Intramuscular
IV Intravenous
NS Normal saline
po Oral
Rx Treatment (medications)
SC or SQ Subcutaneous
Ad lib. Freely, as desired
AMA Against medical orders
CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Dx Diagnosis
DNR (no code) Do not resuscitate
NPO npo Nothing by mouth
pt Patient
r/t or rt Related to
Tx Treatment
> greater than
< less than
arrow pointing up increase
arrow pointing down decrease
degree sign degree
2 degree secondary to
= equal to
Eqal sign with a line through it unequal
Plus sign with a circle around it positive
Circle with a line for it negative
® right
(L) left
ā Before
ac Before meals
ad lib As desired
ASAP As soon as possible
b.i.d. Twice a day
c (with a line over) With
DC, D/C Discontinue
HS Hour of sleep
noc Night
p (with a line over) After
pc After meals
postop Postoperative
preop Preoperative
PRN (prn) As needed
q Every
s (with a line over) Without
STAT Immediately
t.i.d. Three times a day
x Times
H2O Water
H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide
NC Nasal Cannula
O2 Oxygen
OT Occupational therapy
PT Physical therapy
RT Respiratory therapy
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