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and invertabrates

bottom side of starfish ventral side (oral)
front side of starfish dorsal side (aboral side)
chidarians description -cenral opening by tenticles -sessile- attached t one spot -eats plankton, clams, and fish
cnidarians habbitat water
cnidarians reproduction sexual and asexual, external
cnidarians examples -jellyfish -coral -sea anenomies
echinoderrms decription -water animal -cenral opening for food -spinny skinned -feed off of the ocean floor and algae
arthopods include... insects. crustaceans, archnids
arthopod insects description -segmented body -hard outer bodies: exoskeleton -6 legs
echinoderms habbitat ocean: saltwater
echinoderms reproduction sexual, external
ecinoderms examples -starfish -sea urchins -sea cucumbers -sand dollars
arthopods insects habbitat land
arthopods insects reproduction sexual, external
arthopods insects examples -bees -butterflies
arhtopods crustaceans decription -exoseleton -jointed limbs -segmented body -eat krill
arthopods crustaceans habbitat water, land
arthopods crustaceans reproduction sexual, external
arthopods crustaceans examples -lobster -crabs -shrip -crayfish
arthopods arachnids description -exoskeleton -jointed limbs -segmented body: 2 -8 legs
arthopods arachnids habitat land
arthopods arachnids reproduction sexual, internal
arthopods arachnids examples -spiders -ticks -mites -scorpions
sponges description -simplest invertabrate -sessile -filters food from the water continuosly
sponges habitat water
sponges reproduction sexual, asexual, external
sponges examples -basket sponges
worms description -simplest bodies- tube shaped -oxygen is dissolved through skin -eats decayed plants/animals -feeds of of other animals:parasite
worms habitat water, land, other animals
worms reproduction sexual, asexual, external
mullusks include... bivalves, gastropods, cephalopods
mullusks bivalves description -hard shell: made of 2 matching halves -has gills to take in oxygen
mullusks bivalves habitat water
mollusks bivalves reproduction sexual, asexual, external
mollusks bivalves examples -clams -muussels -scallops -oysters
mollusks gastropods description -most diverse group -mant have shells -land: lings -water: gills
mollusks gastropods habitat land or water
mollusks gastropods reproduction sexual, asexual, external
mollusks gastropods examples water: snails, sligs land: conches, whelks
molllusks cephalopods description -have a brain -well developed nerves -pair of eyes, tenticales, gills -defense ink and camoflauge
mollusks cephalopods habitat salt water
mollusks cephalopods reproduction sexual, internal
mollusks cephalopods examples -octopus -squid -chambered nautious
mammals characteristics -hair -teeth -endotherm: warm blooded
mammals reproduction eggs
mammals adaptations -hair -fat
mammals examples -bird -whale -dolphin
bird characteristics -feathers -beak -endotherm -scaley legs:4 -hard shells
bird reproduction eggs
bird adaptations -hallow bones -flight feathers -endoskeleton -airsac
bird exaples -song birds -water birds -birds of prey
fish characteristics -gills -wlive in water -lateral line:senses -swim -bladder
fish reproduction eggs
fish adaptations -jaw -bones
fish examples -carilagenous -bony fish -jawless fish -golfish
reptiles characteristics -4 legs -ectothermic -scales -lungs
reptiles reproduction eggs
reptiles adaptations -skin -scales
reptiles examples -turtles -lizards -shakes -aligaters
amphibians charcteristics -4 limbs -ectothermic -oxygen through skin -lungs -live in water
amphibians reproduction eggs
amphibians adaptations -skin: only can breath when wet
amphibians examples -frogs -toads -salamanders -caedilairs
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