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Contract Management

Those named in the contract data are... Employer, contractor, sub-contractor, project manager, supervisor, adjudicator and others
Describe what the works information should contain what? All the details of what is to be constructed, what tests are required and any constraints on the contractor
Who could potentially be others and what is the importance of them? Utilities, the police, public authorities. The employer takes responsibility for them
The works information normally includes.... A detailed description of the works, the specification, details of tests required, constraints on the contractor
The site information normally includes.... The ground investigation report, risk of flooding, details of services below the ground
What are the main items that are normally included on the contractor's programme? The critical path, important dates (access date etc), provisions for float and time risk allowance, the order and timing of the contractor's operations
Put these in order of occurrence, defects date, date of completion, key dates, contract date, planned completion, key dates, contract date, access date, starting date Contract date, starting date, access date, key dates, planned completion date, date of completion, completion date and defects date
When would the project manager stop the contractor from working? The planners refuse planning permission, you find significant archaeological remains, a major flaw in the design has is discovered, major land slip into an excavation
To be a compensation event the delayed event has to affect the critical path. What is a critical path? The longest necessary path through a network of activities when respecting their inter-dependencies
Option X7 is about what? Using delay damages, which are liquidated damages, which are genuine pre-estimates of the loss likely o be suffered, in the event of the defined breach
Contractors are usually responsible for deciding what, on their own? Methods of work, labour and plant, programme
The specification and drawings go where in the contract? Works information
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