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Streptomycin Aminoglycoside For gentamicin resistant enteroccal. Vertigo
Gentamicin Aminoglycoside UTIs, combined with beta lactams Hospital pneumonia +penicillin for enterocccal endocarditis Nephrotox/vertigo tough >[2ug]
Tobramycin Aminoglycoside Best activity agains P. Aeruginosa for bacteremia, osteomyelitis, peneumonia Inhalation doasage form for P. aeruginosa in CF patients verigo/nehprotox
Amikacin Aminoglycoside Most effective against resistant gram negative hospital acquired infections. Less active against enterococcus Auditory/nephrotox
Sulfamethoxazole Used in combination with trimethoprim
Sulfasalazine 90% broken into sulfapyridine by flora in the colon this treats ulcerative colitis.
Silver sulfadiazine Topical cream Appears to work on cell wall Adjunct therapy for burn infections
Trimethoprim Anti-folate, inhibits dihydrofolate reductase Treats UTIs caused by common gram negatives Completely orally absorbed Rash in extended treatment hematological effects-esp alcoholics teratogen, hyper K
TMP-SMX Best for acute, uncomplicated UTIs. Also Chronic treatment. AIDS patients experience high rate of side effects
Pneumocystitis jiroveci Life threatening pneumonia in AIDS patients. Drug of choice is TMP-SMX. Second line is Pentamidine isethionate. Prednisone also used in treatment
Pentamidine Used for Pneumocystitis jiroveci. Second line. Injectable for treatment, inhalant for prophylaxis. ADRs include hypotension, hypoglycemia (then diabetes after therapy), and bronchospasm when inhaled.
Vancomycin IV. Adjust dose in renal failure. Used for staph and serious gram+ infections Given oral to treat C difficile diarrhea Give with 3rd generation ceph for menigitis Oto/nephrotox (with aminoglycoside) RED MAN
Clindamycin Treats abcesses, MRSA. Does not penetrate CNS. Prevents endocarditis in dental procedures. Pseudomembranous colitis from difficle
Nitrofurantoin All gets peed out, treats chronic UTIs. Gi upset
Polymyxin B Topical for infections of the eye, skin, ear, wounds, and burns by aeruginosa. Nephro/NEUROtox
Metronidazole Enters brain and abscesses. MOA: reduced particles binds to intracellular macromolecules, bacteriocidal. Treats anaerobic, B. Fragilis, H. pylori, and Difficle Carcinogenic, disulfram with alcohol
Bacitracin Eye and skin ointments. Topical for open wounds with mixed microorganisms and conjunctivitis Serious nephrotoxicity from injection
Quinupristin/Dalfopristin IV treatment for life threatening, vancomycin-resistant, enterococcus faecium and staph
Linezolid Vancomycin resistant faecium, hospital acquired pneumonia, MRSA Reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase, tyramine rich foods are contraindicated
Amphotericin B Binds to sterols in fungal membranes. Nephrotoxic, reversible anemia.
Ketoconazole Fungistatic at low concentrations, cidal at high. Oral, 99% protein bound. Causes endocrine abnormalities, ihibit steroid synthesis 6 month treatment
Miconazole Monistat. Intravaginal candiasis.
Flucanazole 25-30hr half life.
Itraconazole 30hr half life. P450 interactions with cyclosporine. Low toxicity.
Griseofulvin Disrupts fungal mitotic spindle. Static. used for ring worms (tineas) dermatophytoses.
Caspofungin Echinocandin class. Inhibits synthesis of Dglucan component of cell wall. interacts with cyclosporine. Powder for injection to trai invasive aspergillosis and esophageal candidiasis.
Palivizumab Monoclonal antibody to F protein of respiratory synctial virus.
Amantadine blocks viral penetration and uncoating, buffers the ph of endosomes, and blocks the M2 viral protein channel. Used for influenza A virus. Antiparkinsonian. ADRs: CNS related.
Zanamivir Orally inhaled, decreases realease of influenza A AND B from infected cells.
Oseltamivir. Same as zanamavir, but can be taken orally.
Ribavirin Purine nucleoside. Aerosol Only used for infants. inhibits viral rna polymerase. Can stop respiratory function, testicular lesions, teratogenic, not to be administered by pregnant doctors. Used for RSV and Chronic Hep C
Trifluridine activated by phosphorylation and inhibits viral dna/rna synthesis. topical solution for herpes eye problems, keratitis... ADR visual haze, teratogenic
Acyclovir rapidly Phosphorylated in herpes infected cells, prevents their DNA polymerase. Antimetabolite with selective antiviral activity. NO ADRS possible emergence of resistan herpes Topical oral and IV.
Gancicyclovir Inhibits CMV like acyclovir. teratogenic and carcinogenic, granulocytopenia, thrombocytopenia. Sever myelosuppression. Use latex gloves and safety glasses when administering.
Valacyclovir. Converted to acyclovir after first pass metabolism. treats shingles and genital herpes.
Foscarnet Inhibits DNA polymerase. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in AIDs patients. Slow IV infusion
Interferons Produce enzymes that inhibt the translation of messenger RNA Produces: oligo adenylate synthetases, protein kinase, phosphodiesterases. ADRs: Flu like, musculo skeletal, gi, nervous system, hematologic, cardiovascular, hepatic
Interferon alpha Significant effect against: Cutaneous warts, Chronic hep B, and Chronic hep C when used with ribavarin ALSO treats these cancers: Bladder tumors, AIDs related kaposi sarcoma, and hairy cell leukemia
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