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Developmental L3 p2

Piaget's Critiques

Most people accept Piaget's notion that thought is structured. True or false? True
Piagets thought that there is an innate tendency for child to actively construct knowledge by interacting with the environment, that it is not just learning. What do most people agree with and what do people not agree with, with this idea? They agree that it is not just learning that occurs with child and they disagree that it is all down to being an innate tendency
With assimilation and accommodation, most people accept it although the process is often described as '_____________'. So the question is 'why do children stop assimilating and start ____________? mysterious, accommodating
Piaget said that the onset of representation such as object permanence is at 18-24 months. But now a days people have found that they actually have this as early as 2 and a half months. What are the two studies that show this? Study where ball disappears behind block-the baby is either looking at block fir interest or looking at the right of the block waiting for ball to reappear. Also the drawbridge study where they look longer at unexpected event when bridge goes thorugh box.
Piaget said that Preoperational stage children were egocentric but studys today have found that this is not true. What was wrong with Piaget's study on this and describe two recent studies that illustrate Piaget's flaw and prove him wrong. Piaget's 3 mountain task was too hard. A study presents 3 landscapes and find that kids do not pass on only the mountain landscape. Other study child shown card with dog & elephant on dif side & they can say when they see dog, adult see something else.
Piaget said that children have limitations with perceptual features (perceptual bound) - that they are dominated by perceptual features when thinking about objects. But people have shown this is not entirely correct as....? When you show kids a white piece of paper and put a red filter behind it to make it look pink/red, the child knows that the paper is really white but looks pink.
Piaget said that children centre their attention on particular aspects and dont integrate other aspects. He said that they centre only on perceptual features such as height and are swayed by that. What has proved him wrong? Kids who are presented w/ cookies of varied length&width and asked"how happy wil another child be when thy get to eat each?" 3-4yr old are pretty good at takng height&width into acount to judge other kids happines-so dnt always centre on particulr aspects
List all the main problems (there are 7 of them) .....
Created by: alicemcc33