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air and atmosphere

The most abundant gas in the atmosphere is ____. Nitrogen
What instrument is used to measure air pressure? barometer
The layers of the atmosphere are classified according to changes in ____. temperature
Name the four main layers of the atmosphere in order, beginning with the layer closest to earths surface. troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere
The ozone layer is found in which layer of the atmosphere? stratosphere
Earth's weather occurs in which layer of the atmosphere? troposphere
What are the three different phases that matter can exist? solid, liquid, gas
Define density? the amount of mass in a given volume
Where on our planet would air be compressed by the strongest force of gravity? closest to the ground/sea level
Air pressure is highest near the surface and _____as the distance away from the surface increases. decreases
Why is breathing more difficult at high altitudes? oxygen is more spread out, less dense
Water in the form of a gas is called _____ water vapor
The force pushing on an area or surface is known as ________. air pressure
As the altitude increases, how does air pressure change? air pressure decreases
As air pressure decreases, does density increase or decrease? decrease
The distance above sea level is known as _____. altitude/elevation
In the troposphere, as altitude increases the temperature _____. decreases
In which layer of the atmosphere would you find meteoroids? mesosphere
What are the names of the two layers that the thermosphere is divided into? ionosphere, exosphere
What two gases make up approximately 99% of earth's atmosphere? Nitrogen (78%)and Oxygen(21%)
Created by: dbecker