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history ch.21 test

what was this era called the progressive era
what did Roosevelt send out the great white fleet
why did he send out the great white fleet to show military strength
all of the following were major reasons for practicing imperialism at the turn of the century except a) a desire to offer humanitarianism b) a desire to gain wealth from the activities of the colony c) a desire to find a new place for people to settle c
america's first ventures in imperialism involved? a) midway and alaska or b) cuba and puerto rico a
the spanish-american war occurred because of america's great concern for the welfare of cuba
what word denotes america's policy of staying out of world politics during most of the 19th century isolationism
what word denotes the acquisition of foreign lands imperialism
who was the president in the beginning of this era McKinley
the american warship that exploded off the coast of cuba in havanna's harbor u.s.s. maine
the two newspaper men who helped to lead america into war by printing sensational stories hearst and pulitzer
the spanish minister who wrote a letter criticizing mckinley and offended many americans dupuy de lome
the spanish american war was fought to free this country from spanish control cuba
the action of one person, group or nation who takes advantage of another person or group of people exploitation
the hay bunau varilla treaty negotiated the building of what panama canal
what treaty negotiated the building of the panama canal hay bunau varilla treaty
offering aid to poor people who need food, medicine, and education humanitarianism
we lost more men fighting a rebellion in this country after the war than during the war philippines
the man who helped to train young men and woman for the foreign missions during the progressive era dwight l. moody
the amendment that stated we only wished to free cuba, not annex it, or add it as an imperial gain teller amendment
the acquisition of foreign lands imperialism
a country that we gained as a result of the spanish american war and it is now a common wealth of the us puerto rico
america gained this territory after the queen of this nation was forced off the throne hawaii
the u.s helped panama gain its independence from this country columbia
the president during the building of the panama canal theodore roosevelt
the manipulation of news stories to gain attention and sell papers yellow journalism
regiment that won special fame in for its fight on san juan hill rough riders
the army doctor who proved that yellow fever was carried by a certain type of mosquitos dr. walter reed
the us naval base in cuba Guantanamo bay
the addition made to the monroe doctrine roosevelt corollary
the president who used dollar diplomacy taft
what most of our soldiers died from in the spanish american war disease
roosevelt's foreign policy big stick policy
the president who emphasized moral diplomacy woodrow wilson
uprising in china when a group of chinese tried to remove all foreigners from their country boxer rebellion
what was added to the monroe doctrine to state that the u.s would act as an international police power in the western hemisphere to protect latin america roosevelt corollary
what policy was made to state that no nation would have its own sphere any longer open door policy
what officially ends the war with spain and america treaty of paris of 1898