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chapter 22

goals of teaching and counseling maintain and promote health, prevent illness, restore health, facilitate coping
focus of pt education prepare for receiving care, prepare for discharge, documentation of pt education
three learing domains cognitive, psychomotor, affective
factors affecting pt lerning age, developmental level, financial resources, cultrual linfluences, literacy level
teach plan for older adults id learning barriers, allow extra time, plan short teaching sessions, accomodate for sensory deficits, reduce environmental distractions
assessment of learner knowledge needed, readiness to learn, abilty to learn, learning strengths
promoting pt compliance intsructions are understandable, include pt in process, utilize interactive teaching strategies, develop interpersonal relationship with pt.
providing culturally comptetent education be aware of personal suumptions and prejudices, understand culteral values of pt, use material in native language
cognitive teaching stratgy lecture, panel discussion, written materials
affective teaching stratgy role modeling, dicussion
psychomotor teaching stratgy demonstration, printed material
What is essential in the teaching/learning process? effective communication
documentation of the teaching/learnng process summary of the learning need, the teaching plan, implementation of the plan, evalution of learning results
guidelines to pt counseling make pt feel comfortable, counsling may be formal or informal, use of warmth, friendliness and empathy
What is fundamental in the counseling role? caring
types of counseling short-term and long-term
short term counseling situational crisis
long term counseling developmental crisis
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