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Exploring Content 1

Exploring Content 1: Chapter 2

aerobic air-breathing
cell smallest part of a living being that can exist independently
continental drift very slow movement of continents across the Earth's surface
diversify spread into more areas or forms
evolution gradual but fundamental change
extraterrestrial not of the Earth
fossil remains of an ancient plant or animal
hypothesis an unproven theory or idea
macromoleule complex molecules
mutation abrupt change in a cell or species
oxidizing atmosphere one containing oxygen
Pangaea Wegener's supercontinent
photosynthesis production of food, from the sun, by a green plant
seafloor spreading Hess's theory of renewing ocean floor
trench long narrow valley in the ocean floor
upwelling rising, pushing up from underneath
concept an idea of how something is done or organized
constant without ceasing
develop advance an idea or make it clear
diminish grow weaker or lessen
dynamic continuously changing
evidence signs that clearly show truth
fixed unchanging
fractured broken, interrupted
impact force, importance
influence ability to make things happen
lack something missing
originate begin, be born out of
proliferate reproduce, grow in quantity
static unchanging
theorize formulate a hypothesis to be tested
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