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13.3 Blume

Sara Zollo

How are arthropods like annelids? Both have segmented bodies.
An arthropod's old exoskeleton is shed and replaced by a new one in a process called __________. molting
Which one of the following is a characteristic of insects that can be used to distinguish them from other arthropods? They can fly.
What are the stages of development in complete metamorphosis? egg, larvae, pupa, and adult
While on a picnic, you avoid an insect with yellow and black stripes. Later, you discover the insect was a harmless fly. What self-defense does this fly use? mimicry
What do millipedes feed on? plants and decaying material
Why would agriculture be impossible without arthropods? Insects pollinate crops.
Which of the following groups would you expect to have the best-preserved fossils? insects
Created by: szollo:)