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Spectrum-Timbre: [bright <-> dull] (i.e. brass-like, silvery, brilliant vs. mat, flat), [simple<->complex], [smooth <-> rough]
Frequency Bandwidth: [low <-> high] [narrow (confined to one region)<->broad (occupying large part of frequency domain)]
Resonance: [dry <-> wet], [clipped<->sustaining]
Dynamics/Loudness/Intensity: [consistent <-> fluxuating <-> shifting], [quite<->loud], [dull (distant/soft), bright (close/loud)]
Frequency Domain Density: [thin <-> thick]
Power: [delicate/light<-> muscular/heavy], [weak<->strong]
Event Morphology (instant to instant structures): [consistent/self-similar <-> varied/contrasting] [high salience events, “sonic jewels”], [impulse-attack, attack-decay, graduated continuant]
Note to Noise Continuum: [harmonic pitch (simple sine to complex and bright spectra)<->pitch with noise <->inharmonic with noise <-> all noise]
Pitch/note/tone: : fundamental frequency view [low <-> high] gestural/shape view [mostly steps (smooth) <-> mostly leaps (angular)],
Harmonic: [simple sine tone <-> richly energized harmonic partials (stretched strings, human voices, blown tubes)]
Pitch space: (system of pitch organization based on tones that are in simple ratios to one another) [light <-> dark], [stable<->unstable]
Microtonal: (system of pitch organization based on tones that are in complex ratios to one another)
Micro-tuning: : (slight variations in frequency within simple pitch space used as expressive element)
Pitch language/grammer: [simple <-> complex]
Inharmonic noise: [non-harmonic partials <-> complex noise-like waveforms (gongs, bells)] (uniqueness)(is noise independent element or coupled w/ pitch making?)(how much noise is used in pitch making source?)(how much noise in the onset of the pitch and/or the continuant?)
Created by: vramar