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Halle Hudson

Blume Ch 13.4 Echinoderms

what do Echinoderms feed on plants and animals
what is a water-vascular system a network of water-filled canals
what are tube feet hollow thin tubes
what animals are in the Echinoderms group bristle stars, sea stars, sand dollars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers
how do sea stars reproduce sexually
how do the bristlie stars' have an advantage to predators when the predator is trying to bite of one arm it can swim away because its arms are fragile and break of easily
what does Echinoderms mean spiny skin
what are the bristlie stars' tube feet used for moving particles of food through their mouth
what are sea urchins and sand dollars covered with spines
what shape are the sea urchins and the sand dollars disk or globe- shaped
do sea urchins or sand dollars have a five-pointed pattern on their surface sand dollars
what don't sand dollars and sea urchins have arms
what do the sacs contain on the sea urchin toxic fluid that is injected into predators
how do the spines benefit the sea urchins and the sand dollars they help them move through the water and help them burrow
sea cucumbers have what type of covering leathery
where are the sea cucumbers tentacles located around their mouths and on rows of their tube feet on their upper and lower surfaces
what do sea cucumbers eat planton!! and detritus
Created by: Hhudson:)