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Adorno Music is standardized for mass consumption
Fenster and Swiss Record Labels – percentages
Negus Major/Indie Binary
Firth Rules to define genres
Jones and Lenhart File sharing vs. home taping
Rodman & Vanderdonckt File sharing as bad is too and not economic
Hayes Why people like vinyl & development of CD
Hebdige Use of style by subcultures
Willis Clothes to construct meaning
Jenson Types of crazy fans
Grossberg Fans, sensibilities, affect, mattering maps
Cavicchi Conversion methods
Saridello Dead Head Rituals
Martin Females excluded from r & r moral panic
Waksman Guitar used to engender masculinity
Lafrance Disruptive divas – identity as construction
Lablanc Western femininity and punk girls
Leonard Riot grrrl
Kelley Bad research on blacks–portrayed wrong
Kitwana H-H G – seen as dangerous and rebels
Cultler AAVE – mike becomes black
Hayes White people using rap
Bermand Music where we hear it. Canadian industry
Cohen Shared music in geographic areas
Caines Use of subculture in but fuck no where
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