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Nutrition Cp 2


Carbohydrates are made up of what three elements? Carbon, Hydrogen, and oxygen.
what is monosaccharide? Simple single sugars.
Examples of monosaccarides.. fruit, honey, digestion of milk.
what is a disaccharide? Simple double sugars.
examples of disaccharides.. Table sugar.
what is a polysaccharide? Complex many sugars.
examples of polysaccharides.. starch, diatary fiber
what is glycogen? Reserve fuel for body. "back up" form of energy
Sugar that circulates in the blood? all sugares are converted to this. Glucose
why are carbohydrates considered "quick energy"? esily broken down. Stored as glycogen until needed.
sweetest tasting sugar? Fructose
sugar that comes from digestion of milk? Glactose
another name for common table sugar? Sucrose
what is diatery fiber? Ingestible carbohydrate. A body regulatory agent.
foods that are high in diatary fiber? Whole grains, fruits with skins, and vegetables.
Daily recomended intake for diatary fiber? 45-65%
how does diatary fiber provide energy or nutrient value? slows glucose absorption.
what are major food sources of starch? Grain, rice , corn, some vegetables, some fruits.
Nutrients that provide energy for the body are? Carbohydrate.
Main storage form of carbohydrate is? Glycogen.
Is starch the main source of carbohydrate in the diet? (T/F) True.
Is starch the most significant polysaccharide in the diet? (T/F) True.
Tree classifications of carbohydrates? Monosaccharides, Polysaccharides, Disaccharides.
what is a starch? polysaccharide that breaks down slowly. Supplies enegy longer
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