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Brandt Sci

Chapter 12 Part 2

Bending of Light as it passes from one transparent material into another Refraction
Bouncing of light waves off a surface Reflection
Heat transfer from touching surfaces Conduction
Heat transfer from a gas or liquid Convection
Heat transfer from space Radiation
Distance from the top of one wave to the top of another wave Wavelength
The highness or lowness of a sound as determined by it's frequency Pitch
The number of times a sound waves vibrates in 1 second Frequency
The amount of energy in a sound wave Amplitude
Bulging lens that brings light together Convex
Lens that caves in and spreads light apart Concave
These waves travel in straight rays Light Waves
These waves travel in all directions Sound Waves
An example of conduction Cooking pancakes on a stove
An example of convection Boiling noodles
An example of radiation Cooking a hot dog in the microwave
Letting only some light through- objects appear blurry Translucent
Letting all light through- objects seen clearly Transparent
What is white light made of? All colors
What separates white light? Prism and Water
What color has the longest wavelength? Red
What electromagnetic waves have the highest energy? X-ray
A convex lens _______________. Magnifies an object
What makes a sound? Vibrations
What material does sound travel fastest in? Solid
What part of the ear has fluid? Inner Ear
Heat moves from ________ to _____________. warmer to cooler.
More energy= faster moving particles
What keeps heat in and does not transfer heat? Insulator
What is an example of a conductor? metal
What is an example of transparent? glass
What is an example of opaque? Black Lid, person
What is an example of an insulator? wood,
What is an example of translucent? mt. Dew bottle, plastic
Why do we see the color red? The color reflects off the object and absorbs all other colors.
Why does a pencil look bent in water? The light bends in water because the water slows down the speed of light.
High Amplitude Loud/Tall Waves
High Pitch High Sound/Close Together
Low Amplitude Soft/Short Waves
Low Pitch Low Sound/Spread Apart
Created by: kristib2pea