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Classifying Matter

Solution: a solvent and solute together / Something being dissolved in something (small particles)
Mixture: Physically combined
Element: Pure substance
Compound: Chemically combined
Suspension: large particles
Homogeneous: distributed evenly throughout a mixture
Heterogeneous: Not evenly distributed throughout mixture
Solvent: Something that dissolves
Solute: Something being dissolved
Colloid: mixture with medium particles
Soluble: Able to be dissolved
Insoluble: not able to be dissolved
Speed up Dissolve by: Heat, pressure, break into pieces
Concentrated: More solvent and more potent or measure of substance in mixture
Dilute: More solute and less potent
Solubility: The maximum amount of solute able to be dissolved in the solvent
conservation of mass A principle stating that mass cannot be created or destroyed.
Chemical property something you cannot see like weight, flammability,
Sighs of chemical change smell, taste, color, bubbles, ect.
Concentration: The exact amount of solute within the solvent
Pure Substance: a sample of matter, that has definite chemical and physical properties, it is either a single element or single compound. it can also be described as a substance with only one type of particle, cannot be separated by physical means
Metal: An shiny element that conducts heat and electricity well
Nonmetal: an element that conducts heat and electricity poorly
Metalloid: an element with metal and nonmetal properties
Can you undo it? Yes- it is a physical property. No- its chemical
Created by: dwhitlock.18