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Developmental L7


What are the three types of aggression? Instrumental, Hostile (Overt/Direct - Verbal, Physical) and Relational
Describe what Instrumental Agression is. When a child has a goal in mind and will use aggression such as pushing, shouting and attacking a person to achieve the goal. The person is seen as an obstacle.
Instrumental aggression declines or increases? as children age. Why is this? Because children learn to control their behaviour.
Hostile aggression declines or decreases? over school years. Increases
Describe what hostile aggression is. When the child intends to harm another child
What subtypes of Overt Hostile aggression are there? Verbal which is a direct insult where they say things like "you're stupid" and Physical such as hitting, pushing and kicking.
Describe Relational agression. This includes social exclusion, rumour spreading and manipulating social relationships.
Discuss the stability of children's aggression. It is fairly stable form middle-childhood onwards. Those with high aggression are more likely to remin high in aggression later in life, and those who turn aggressive in later childhood are less like to continue to adolescence.
Boys high in aggression at age _ and more likely to have _______________________ in adulthood. Same with girls but to a less extent. 8, criminal convictions
Write up the model of high aggression ....
There are intergenerational trends with aggression. Read and write these out... ....
A study which looked at bystanders vs. rescuers in WW2 found that....? the rescuers were more likely to learn this from their parents- it was more likely that their parents taught them that caring is important and that caring universally - for all others not just your own people is important
Gender differences in aggression = Boys & girls are similar in_____aggression up until preschool and similar is____aggression in school years but by schools years boys ____physical aggression is higher than girls & girls____aggression is higher than boys. overt, verbal, overt, relational
Boys are also less likely to show both times of aggression (overt and relational). True or false? False, they are more likely to show both types of aggression
What is prosocial behaviour? Actions that benefit another person
Children who show signs of sympathy are more like to .....? help others
Children were shown video - if their faial expressions are that of sympathy, then they are more or less? likely to help the child in the video who is need More
If the response of the child watching the video shows signs more like distress, then they are more or less? likely to help the child in need in the video? Less as it is just too much for them
If a parent sets clear limits and they intervene when the child displays inappropriate emotion or actions (getting angry), this directly teaches the child about ________? Kindness.
Created by: alicemcc33