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Geoff's latin

my 50 words

ab by
annus year
ascendo climb
circum around
celo hide
barbarus barbarian
confido trust
fons fountain
gravis serious
hora hour
iubeo order
occupatus busy
oppidum town
plenus full
plus more
sapiens wise
amor love
aureus gold
hostis enemy
iacto throw
ingressus having entered
minimus very little
molestus troublesome
prudentia prudent
tardus late
tutus safe
verbum word
virtus courage
cura cure
erro make a mistake
honor honor
iacio throw
orno decorate
regressus having returned
cum when
auctoritas authority
audax bold
carcer prison
conscendo climb on
egressus having gone out
comprehendo arrest
eques horseman
flumen river
infestus on the ground
nusquam nowhere
passus having suffered
ripa river bank
verum the truth
pons bridge
tristis sad
Created by: GeoffreyK