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kaleigh howard2

Blume Ch.13.2

what dooes Annelids (A nuh ludz) mean? “little rings”
what is a setae (SEE tee)? bristle like structures on the outside of each body segment, they help it move and “sense” the environment.
what type of symmetry do segmented worms have? bilateral symmetry
what type of water do segmented worms live in? can live in freshwater, salt water, & moist soil
Give 3 examples of annelids. earthworms, marine worms and leeches are annelids
What is the first thing a worm does in digesting it's food? It takes soil into it’s mouth.
What is a gizzard? a muscular structure which grinds the soil and the bits of organic mater.
where is the organic matter broken down & nutrients are absorbed by the blood? intestines
where do the wastes leave the worm anus
what type of circulatory system do worms have? closed circulatory system
what do the “aortic arches” do? pump blood
How do Oxygen and Carbon-dioxide flow through a worm? Oxygen and Carbon-dioxide exchange through their skin. (it is covered with a thin watery mucus)
Created by: khoward1