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I of the BlueDolphin

Chapters 1-4

Mesa A small high plateau with a flat top and steep sides
Ravine A long deep narrow valley eroded by running water
Tayon bush An evergreen shrub having leathery leaves small white flowers and red fleshy berrylike fruit
Parely To discuss matters especially with an enemy
Leagues Unit for measuring distance uasally about 3 miles
Idle Doing nothing not busy not working
Pelt Skin of a hair animal
Kelp Any of various large tough brown seaweeds
Scarcely Not quite barely
Bales A large bundle of material securely wrapped or bound for shipping or storage
Cormorant Large sea birds with pouches under their brakes for holding caught fish
Reef Ridge of rocks or coral at or near the surface of the water
Beffel To happen to
Carcasses Body of a dead animal
Barred To block
Surged To rise then fall moving like waves
Created by: CMCornwell9
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