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F. Chopin

Frederic Chopin: Polonaise in A flat major

life date 1810-1849
gave first concert at age 6
first published work polonaise in g minor at age 7
studied harmony, counterpoint, composition after high school
Places of career Warsaw, paris, vienna
piece "revolutionary" written at what time? after return to invaded warsaw
ten year love affair with Aurore dudevant(novelist, composed many significant works in this time)also went by George sand
wrote exclusively for piano
explored new: harmonic language
influenced by bach's counterpoint, mozarts lyricism,
famous works Berceuse(piano), Krakowiak(piano and orchestra)
polonnaise Stately polish dance in triple meter
genre solo piano work
composition date 1842
formal structure ABA with intro and coda
performed for who in warsaw? salon aristocrats, who later became his patrons.
many works written at what time? during his romance with aurore dudevant
key of piece A flat major -E major -D sharp/E flat major -A flat major
part a dotted rythms, trills, chromatic scale work, grand rolls, contrast in dynamics between hands
part b left hand octaves with muted melody in right hand, key change
coda harmonic chordal progressions, based on principal theme, ended in I-III-V7-I cadence
Created by: olaurie