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Modern Latin Phrases

Latin words and phrases used in modern english

Alter ego The Other
Fiat Lux Let There Be Light
Numquam Vado Quiete Never Go Quietly
Campus Field
Vice Versa To Change , Turn Around
Bona Fide Of Good Faith
Magnum Opus Master Piece
Et Cetera And the others, everything else
Tabula Rasa Clean Slate
Carpe Diem Seize the day
Et Tu, Brute even you, Brutus
Cogito ergo sum i think, therefore i am
Per diem By the Day
ab extra from outside
Ante Bellum before the war
Ipso facto by the fact itself
deus ex machina God out of the machine
ad hoc for the purpose
status quo the state in which
moriturum mox die soon
morituri te salutamus we (or those) who are about to die salute thee
Medicus doctor
ab intio from the beginning
alibi elsewhere
de facto in fact
corpus body
remedium cure
id est that is
in camera in private
indicia marks
in esse in essence
dementia a potu insanity by drinking
censor morum censor against morals
actus reus criminal act
alatus winged
carneus fleshed coloured
sic error
contra against
credo in unum deum I believe in one god.
deformis deformed
Bincentenial 200 years
ex libris from the library of
in toto in total
mea culpa my fault
quid pro quo this for that
Rex king
pars part
miles soldier
primo first
octo eight
Created by: Xever17