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Cubangbang #123791

Cubangbang's 7th Ch. 13 Plant Kingdom Processes Stack #123791

Chapter 13 DefinitionChapter 13 Vocab
Most of a plant's water enters through its Roots
Chemicals that a plant produces and controls the plant's growth Hormones
The most comment green pigment found in plants Chlorophyll
Occurs when water exits through a plant's leaves or stomata Transpiration
Each stoma on a leaf is surrounded by Pair of guard cells
Nastic movement seen in some plants are results of changes in Turgor pressure
Kind of tropism seen when a flower blossom turns during the day to face the sun Positive phototropism
Kind of tropism that causes roots to grown down instead of up Positive gravitropism
Can bloom whenever moisture and temperature conditions are acceptable Day-neutral plants
Most important in causing flowers to bloom Length of the light period
Proper order for movement of water through a plant root hair, root, xylem, stomata
Found in the roots Epidermis, xylem, root hairs
Cells that regulate the size of the stomata guard cells
What happens when guard cells malfunction? Root hairs may fall off, Too much auxin may be produced, and plant may suffer excessibe water loss
Made up of tall, thin, closely packed cells and is under the epidermis Palisade layer
Plant hormone uses are Control fruit ripening, kill weeds, and root cuttings.
Created by: jcubangbang