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Latin in MedicineLW

A list of Latin words that are commonly used in the Medical Field

Acerbus Sharp, harsh (to the taste)
Aggrediente febre (Aggr. feb.) While the fever is coming on
Alternis horis Every other hour
Ante cibum (AC) Before meals
Brachium Arm
Caput The head
Contusus Bruised
Coxa The hip
Cras mane (CM) Tomorrow morning
Da, signa (DS) Give and sign
Decessus Died, death
Divide in partes aequales (D. in px) Divide into equal parts
Dolor Pain
Emesics Vomiting
Fascia lintea A linen bandage
Feber (Febris) Fever
Flavus Yellow
Frigor Cold
Fuscus Brown, dark
Gradatim By degrees, gradually
Hora Hour
In loco frigido In a cold place
Lectus A bed
Luce prima (Luc. P.) Early in the morning, dawn
Mane primo (MP) Early in the morning
Medicinae Doctor (MD) Doctor of Medicine
Infectio Infection
Injectio (Inj.) Injection
Jentaculum Breakfast
Mora Delay
Mors Death
Musculus latissimus dorsi The widest muscle of the back
Natus Mortuus Stillborn
Mammo Breast
Manu Hand
Musculo Muscle
Myringo Myringa
Naso Nose
Normo Normal
Nerv Tendon, nerve
Oculo Eye
Ole Small or little
Ossi Bony
Ovario Ovary
Ovo Egg
Papill Nipple
Papulo Pimple, postule
Parvo Small
Pauci Few
Pelvi Hip bone
Radio Radiation
Re Back, again