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Latin 50 Words

aedifico, -are to build
aedificium, -i building
ago, -ere to do, drive
ambulo, -are to walk
auxilium, -i help
arbor, -oris tree
baculum, -i stick
amo, -are to like, love
canto, -are to sing
conor, -ari to try
celeriter quickly
cena, -ae dinner
colloquor, -qui to speak together
clamor, -oris shouting
cras tomorrow
coquus, -i cook
corona, -ae crown, garland
cibus, -i food
culina, -ae kitchen
cubliculum, i bedroom
domus, -us house, home
defenestro, -are to throw out of a window
duco, -ere to lead
do, dare to give
Eheu! Alas
dubium, -i doubt
fero, -rre to carry, bring
familia, -ae family, household
frigidus, -a, -um cold
habeo, -ere to have, hold
ianua, -ae door
infirmus, -a, -um weak
iocus, -i joke
ira, -ae anger
laetus, -a, -um happy
laudo, -are to praise
lavo, -are to wash
lux, lucis light
maximus, -a, -um very great, greatest
moveo, -ere to move
mitto, -ere to send
Mehercule! By Hercules!
natura, -ae nature
nemo, -inis no one
numquam never
obstupefacts, -a, -um astounded
periculum, -i danger
peristylium, i courtyard surrounded by columns
optimus, -a, -um very good, best
panis, -is bread
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