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Alex Asian Vocab

My 50 latin worrds

Draco Dragon
Niveus Snow While
Lux Light
Nox Night
Severus Strict
Sonus Sound
Nauta Sailor
Vulp Fox
Verus Nullus, Omnis Licitus Nothing is true, everything is permitted
Ferre Corporum Innocentis Tuere Stay Your Blade from the Flesh of an Innocent
Umbra Shade, Shadow
Aeger The sick one, the patient.
Cruor Blood, gore
Albus White
Cibus food
Sanitas health
Emesis Vomiting
Nex Violent Death
Rapidus hasty, snatching
Rhynch snout
Saur lizard, reptile
In Vino Veritas there is truth in wine
Utile Dulci the useful with the agreeable
Semper Fidelis always faithful
Ludus School
Musica music
Purpureus purple
Injectio Injection
Lectus Bed
Defessus Tired
Deus God
Periculum Danger
Infantem baby
Familia Family
Somnus Sleep
Lux et veritas Light and truth
Doloris Pain
magna cum laude with great honor
Tempus Time
Eureka I’ve found it
Excelsior Higher
Jocus Joke
Ludus Game
Odiosis boring
Scandalum scandal
Laetus Happy
Salto dance
Quīndecim 15
Vīgintī septem 27
Quīnquāgintā 50
Created by: Unkemptbrute