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vet terms in Latin

Cauda Tail
Bos, bovis Cow
Oppugno Attack
Canis Dog
Aquila Eagle
Ager Farm
Agricola Farmer
Ager Field
Flos Flower
Cibus Food
Silva Forest
Frumentum Grain
Collis Hill
Interficio Kill
Palus Marsh
Barbarus Native
Nox Night
Flumen River
Serpens Serpent
Felis Cat
Lepus Rabbit
Porcus Pig
Agnus Lamb
Tinea Worm
Capra Goat
Pullus Chicken
Viverra Ferret
Mus Mouse
Equus Horse
Avis Bird
Terra Land
Plantis Plants
Arbores Trees
Aqua Water
Sol Sun
Parasitus Parasite
Morbus Disease
Amphibia Amphibians
Animalia Animals
Apis Bee
Caulos Stem
Cola Dweller
Domesticus Domestic
Folium Leaf
Glabra Hairless
Hirsutus Hairy
Rostra Beak, bill, snout
Virosus Poisonous
Carnivora Carnivore
Chelonia Turtle
Insecta Insect
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