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Mr Ed Life Vocab

Vocab Relating to Everyday Life

claudo/claudere close, block
aqua water
musica music
tuba trumpet
cohors band
instrumentum instrument
metallica metal
aedifico build
metiri measure
theatri theatres
academia college
alius other, another
audio, audire to hear, to listen
creare create
architecto design
invenio invent
studeo, studere, studui study
vilicus, vilici overseer, manager
vendo, vendere, vendidi sell
utilis, utile useful
urbs, urbis city
tubicen, tubicinis trumpeter
rota, rotae wheel
pecunia, pecuniae money
negotium agere do business, work
forum, fori forum, business center
ferrum, ferri iron
fenestra, fenestrae window
faber, fabri craftsman
doctus, docta, doctum educated, learned, skillful
dives, divitis rich
callidus, callida, callidum clever, smart
fingo, fingere model,to mold
ianua, -ae door, doorway
vitreus, -a, -um glass
colorare to color
ratio, -onis system
lumen, -inis light
tectum, -i roof, ceiling
pons, -tis bridge
later, -eris brick
lapis, -idis stone
turris tower
gravit weight
exemplum, -i example
sententi idea (thought)
schoola, -ae school
mechanitor engineer
volvi rotate
angulus, -i angle
Created by: Abernat
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